In a little over 2 months, Nicole, Colin and I are going to be taking an epic cross-country road trip. Nicole and I decided today that this trip is going to need a blog. THUS


While there is nothing on there now, and we won’t be posting all that much until the actual trip begins, you should totally follow us. I promise it will be quite entertaining.

Do what she says! This is the blog I will be sharing with Emma during our road trip. I kind of want to link it to my account, if that’s possible. It will be full of notes and pictures of our trip from New York to Los Angeles.

If anyone is curious, right now the plan is New York>Gastonia, NC>Atlanta>New Orleans>San Antonio>Roswell, NM>Grand Canyon>Palm Springs, CA>LA. I promise it will be fun, and we want to submit it for an EVVY! Go follow it! We will begin updating at the end of August, but for now…just follow :D