Go Dodgers!

Since I moved to Silver Lake, most mornings and throughout the day if I’m here, I’ve heard a rooster. But like, I live in the middle of Los Angeles and there is no way that someone just has a rooster chilling, so it must be something else driving me up a fucking wall, right? NO, I WAS WRONG. I WAS WALKING TO MY CAR THIS MORNING AND I SAW THE ROOSTER. Goddamnit. A fucking rooster. Living on my street.

I could post a million videos on here from tonight but I will post this one cause among other things, the lighting for the show was unreal. THE MOST UNREAL.

Brief Billy post: Got there at 8 when the show was supposed to start. Thought he didn’t have an opener but OH HEY GAVIN DEGRAW. It was weird, we missed most of it to get merch (of which I will post pictures tomorrow because they are awesome but also far away from my bed right now). THEN CAME BILLY. It was truly and completely a highlight of my life, seeing him. It was amazing. I’ve been waiting since I was a kid for this moment and it really didn’t disappoint. He played all the classics, so make that list up in your head, he really only skipped Uptown Girl and We Didn’t Start the Fire (because really, he’s 65, he couldn’t play that song anymore); and if ever there was a time to look around you and think “damn,” its when all the music stops but the crowd keeps on singing Piano Man like its the end of the world.

Some choice songs that I can remember that he also did outside of his uber smash hits were Zanzibar, Say Goodbye to Hollywood (which he hadn’t played in over 20 years!!), Vienna, Pressure, The Entertainer, Ballad of Billy the Kid and Where’s the Orchestra. He did a bunch more, but my brain hurts.

The entire time, nicol-ette and I were trying to figure out who famous he would bring onstage to sing with him. We ruled out McCartney because he was playing in Japan, at one point in THE MIDDLE of River of Dreams, he stopped to play Surfin’ USA, so I thought it was the Beach Boys (but secretly still holding out for Elton). But nope, not Elton either. It was Adam Levine. The worlds most RANDOM choice, but since Nikki and I both have unhealthy obsessions with the man, we had a minor panic attack. DON’T KNOCK ADAM LEVINE LIKE THE GUYS SITTING BEHIND US DID.

This was longer than expected. So yeah, its hard to tell if 2k14 Billy or 2004 Elton was a better show, but tonight was perfect, wrapped up in nice paper, and topped with a bow. 

EDIT: I only cried twice and it was when they were showing New York on the jumbotrons. 

EDIT 2: He started playing New York, New York in the middle of New York State of Mind and I almost lost it again, but goddamnit I kept it together.

The ice cream truck is outside my window right now, and it’s pretty janky and it plays tunes like Frere a Jacques and Swan Lake and It’s a Small World andMy Darling Clemetine, but because of copyright law all of the songs are SLIGHTLY different. It’s weird.

This was found right outside my apartment on the grass. You keep doing you, Silver Lake.

So I live in Silver Lake. Quiet, nice little neighborhood in Los Angeles. Lots of bearded men and oxford shoes roam these parts. We live just on the edge, bordering Filippinotown, so there are lots of families on our street. We live on a nice street, its got a hill, its got lots of parking spots, and there are lots of cats that walk around all the time! In fact, because I’m lazy and I don’t get my car washed often, I have little kitty pawprints all over my car from where the cats walk on it at night. So, as previously stated, nice little neighborhood.

And then we have this house. The house with the same sign plastered all over it. The SAME house that took down most of their (but still retained some) posters that say “Armenian terrorists live here,” the house that keeps THESE posters up for whatever reason. The house that has creeper windows so that the people inside can stare you down as you walk past (which happened to me more than once), the house with the junk all over the front yard.

I am confused by this house. I try to take pictures every time I walk by, but I get nervous that they are waiting for someone to take a picture so they can shoot them sniper style from their windows. Photo credit to my roommate, earmuffsoncookies, who is much braver than I.

  1. Camera: iPhone 4S
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/1126th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

If you guys want to know where I am over the next few days, it will be in one of these places, or between two of these places. Kelsey and I are driving cross country to start our ~brand new lives in LA. We might make a travel blog tonight so you can all document our derpin’ across America.

To LA!!!


This isn’t the most fun thing.

I do this all day. Except that there aren’t nearly as many dots because there are three rooms that we need, and apparently LA has NO three bedroom apartments in our price range. THANKS.



Three weeks.

It’s funny. When I got to Boston four years ago, I fell in love with it, and told myself I could spend the rest of my life here. However, coming to Boston gave me multitudes of other opportunities to go travel around the world and the country, and now, this city that I once loved so much is so constricting to me. I love walking the streets of the city, but there is something about it that isn’t really home anymore. I’m not sure I really have a home right now, though I’ll always consider wherever my family is home. I hope that within the next few months I can call Los Angeles my new home, since its the first city since Boston that makes me want to get up and do some amazing things.

I’m just really looking forward to the next chapter of my life, and I’m thrilled to say that it begins on May 14th. Bring it on, real life. I’m comin’ for ya.

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I never would have guessed that the ocean is lacking in the pedestrian sidewalks.

I never would have guessed that the ocean is lacking in the pedestrian sidewalks.


40 of the Spanish Beagles who were locked in cages have arrived in LA to be adopted. Click the link for more info.

Poor dogs. Treating a dog (or any animal for that matter) like that for “animal testing” is a horrific thing to do. Apparently, none of them had ever seen the sun until recently. Hoping they all find fantastic homes.

I love LA.  I love LA. I love it here, this is brilliant, everyone doing the LA Program is fantastic and nice and I had SUCH a wonderful time tonight.

And tomorrow will be my birthday. Tomorrow is the shittiest, saddest, most horrific day of the entire year, yet it is also my birthday, and I feel so terribly bad for celebrating it. I always do. And I’m pretty sure I always will, but alas I can’t help it.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, and I think instead of said Boston bar from before that I found out only serves beer, I will be going to Universal City, because it is close and I had a lot of fun there tonight and there is a mechanical bull there. Or maybe I won’t. Or maybe I will regret this post in the morning. It is so very late at night and I am so very tired and my hands ever so hurt from typing this!

But I’ve been waiting for my birthday for so long, because I love birthdays, and tomorrow won’t be any different. Now I am tired, and I will probably lol at this in the morning. Not probably,  I WILL lol at this in the morning.

Goodnight, world. See you on the flip side.

I am so proud I made ,o spelling mistakes.

Ok, goodnight.

I am leaving for LA tomorrow instead of Sunday. North Carolina from Saturday night to Tuesday and off to LA from there! I won’t be updating here that much, if at all, but please do follow my travel blog that I am keeping with Emma @ eclaroadtrip.tumblr.com. It will be fabulous, I promise!

Speak to you all again from the left coast!